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A decent set of jumper cables is so important and so helpful at one or another point that they should be obligatory present in any car. Though you may be sure that you have the battery of the highest quality, and you charge it regularly, still it may happen that someone else will need your help in jump starting his or her car. However, there is a more important issue that you may come across. This issue is that not each product labeled as jumper cables and available on the market today can cope with the task of jump starting a car with a dead battery. For better understanding the problem, let’s compare a jumper cable with a road, through which the power is driven from the donor car to another one. The narrower the road is, the less power it will be able to let through. Sometimes you deal with the jumper cables that trickle through so little power that it doesn’t allow you to jump start another car. It’s obvious that it also depends on the car’s engine size, since the bigger the engine is, the more power it requires to start. Moreover, there are some more aspects to consider, such as the battery position in the car, the age and quality of the cables and, of course, the donor car’s power. So, considering all these facts, we decided to create our list of the best jumper cables available on the market. Since different people need different cables, we have included several options in our list that will meet the needs of any type. To choose the one that will suit you the most, make sure to look through the whole list and read our in-depth reviews, in which we have highlighted the most interesting and helpful features of each product.

Best jumper cables of 2015

AAA Heavy Duty 16′ 6 Gauge Booster Cable (4326AAA)

AAA Heavy Duty 16′ 6 Gauge Booster Cable (4326AAA)If you possess a big and heavy SUV or some of those powerful American muscle cars, there is no doubt that the engine of your car needs much power to get started. Such types of vehicles require a big gauge cable such as the AAA Heavy Duty 16′ 6 Gauge Booster Cable. Indeed, it has several features, due to which it can be regarded as the best choice for almost any car. Even for those that requires so much power to be started that only a 6-gauge cable can provide. Moreover, being of 16 feet, it is twice as long as average jumper cables. It means that it can be easily connected to another car even if the battery of your car or of the donor car is hidden under the passenger seat, in the trunk, or anywhere else in the car. Also, the cables themselves are equipped with heavy-duty rubber insulation helping to keep them from corroding and rusting over so that they won’t lose their conductivity for a long time.



AAA 42 Piece Emergency Road Assistance Kit

AAA 42 Piece Emergency Road Assistance KitSince there are some other essentials that are obligatory in your car, the second place in our rating is given to an appliance that is a toolset built over the booster cable. It includes a jumper cable of 8 gauges and 8 feet. Such a length is sufficient for most situations. However, the problem with an 8 gauge cable is that being a bit shorter can even be an advantage as the extra thickness means extra heaviness, and being shorter it can get rid of some of that weight. Aside from this cable, you also get first aid kit, a safety vest, a flashlight, a poncho and everything you may need to keep you and your passengers safe if your car eventually gives out for some reason.




Capri Tools Heavy-Duty Auto Jumper Cables

Capri Tools Heavy-Duty Auto Jumper CablesIt is quite interesting that the biggest problem that may occur with the people, who have never dealt with such jumper cables before, is not about actually connecting the cables and even not about getting the car started up again, but about actually aligning the two cars so that the used cables will reach the two batteries. The Capri Tools Heavy-Duty Auto Jumper Cables are helpful in solving this problem as they are the longest jumper cables included in our list, being of 20 feet length. Since it is just a 4 gauge, it is still rather light in spite of its length, but it does not transfer much power through. It will help you to start up a small or medium size car having no problems, but dealing with something as an SUV or even bigger, you will definitely need to connect the two cars and let the dead battery charge for about 10 minutes before actually trying to start up the second car. When the battery is not completely dead, even these light jumper cables will allow you to start a vehicle of any type within 10-20 minutes.


DLUX 6 Gauge No Tangle Battery Booster Cables

DLUX Super Heavy Duty Jumper CablesIn the very beginning, we have mentioned that there are enough great options available on the market currently to satisfy any taste. Let’s imagine that your car has a big engine taking a lot of space in the front of your car and you need jumper cables that are both long enough to reach from your car’s engine to the donor car and thick enough to start the engine of your car on the first go. In this case, the best option for you is the 6 gauge No Tangle Battery Booster cables. It is a set of cables of 12 feet and a 6 gauge. So, these cables are a little bit too heavy, but they can ensure you that there won’t be any problems with getting the job done.



Cartman Heavy Duty Booster Cables

Cartman Heavy Duty Booster CablesThe final choice we have made is the Cartman Heavy Duty Booster Cables that are also the most versatile and lightest kit of jumper cables. They are called booster cables, and it’s quite right as, being a 2 gauge cables, they could not start up a Peugeot 106 plugged into a Humvee right away. However, they are quite light, and, being of 20-feet length, they are long enough so that you should not risk hitting the other car while positioning them. The only problem is that the dead battery should be able to keep a charge and the engine of the donor car should be run with the connected cables for about 15 minutes before you can try to start up the other car. Therefore, if you are ready to do all that, these Cartman Heavy Duty Booster Cables will be excellent jumper cables for you.



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