Best heavy duty jumper cables

Most car owners seem to forget that, although to have a package of jumper cables in your car is a must, you aren’t going to use them more than once in two years. Knowing that, first of all, you should look at the way the cables in the set are put together when choosing proper heavy duty jumper cables. It is obvious that you need a big gauge jumper cable of good quality, using which you can start your car with an entirely dead battery quickly and easily. But also you need to be sure not to carry around too heavy, thick cables, or too short cables that are not enough for your needs. So, taking all that into consideration, we have made the list of the best-rated heavy duty jumper cables available on the market. We have also added in-depth reviews of these jumper cables to this list, as well as the reasons why we have chosen these particular products among all the others in the class. Moreover, you will come across the information about the kind of car, with which each cable can be used, and how much time you will need to start your car using these jumper cables.

Top 5 heavy duty jumper cables

  1. Cal-Hawk Heavy Duty 2 Gauge Wire

Cal-Hawk Heavy Duty 2 Gauge WireNaturally, our list of the best jumper cables should be started with the ones that fit most cars and meet most users’ needs. You should remember that the thicker jumper cables are, the more electricity they pass through, but at the same time, they are going to be heavier, and thus harder to maneuver. Moreover, it is more difficult for the parrot jaw to stay attached. So, the optimal choice is a 2 gauge wire because they allow enough current to go through from the donor car to your own, if it weighs up to 2 tons, so that it will let you start your car’s dead battery in about several minutes. The Cal-Hawk cables has a special branding type and are equipped with extra slick rubber insulation, that’s why they won’t get damaged, and they are produced to stay flexible even if it is -67 degrees Fahrenheit outside. Moreover, even dealing with big and heavy trucks, in condition that its dead battery is not absolutely gone and still can hold its charge, they allow you to use a donor car for bringing back to life your battery running the engine for up to 15 minutes. After this procedure, your car will obviously be able to start without any problems while the two cars are still connected.


  1. Coleman Cable Heavy-Duty 4-Gauge Battery Booster Cables

Coleman Cable Heavy-Duty 4-Gauge Battery Booster CablesIn case you own a big duty truck, the battery of which causes you many troubles, in the sense that its battery can be found dead at least three or four times a winter, probably, you won’t want to wait 15 minutes every day only to start your truck. Therefore, the Coleman Cables are the very set of jumper cables that you need as they have a 4 gauge. You will be able to start your truck in less than five minutes after connecting it to another powerful engine, or even right off the bat. Another interesting feature, thanks to which the Coleman Cables have attracted us, is that its handles shine in the dark, so, you will easily be able to get the polarities right even in absolute darkness.


  1. Unique Imports Professional Booster Cable

Unique Imports Professional Booster CableAs we have talked about big and heavy trucks, we can switch to the smaller cars of city type. To this type, we can address the vehicles that weigh only about one ton and have a smaller engine of less than 90 hp. Such cars can be started using a 1 gauge cable. The Unique Imports Professional Booster Cables are such cables and weigh incredibly little in spite of the fact that their length is 25 feet. This extra length and the fact that they will probably be used with relatively small cars, solve the problem of doing some special maneuvers to connect the two car batteries. However, the clamps are very strong and well-made, despite its lightweight appearance. So, there will be no problems with their attachment to the battery poles in spite of its position in the car.


  1. Capri Tools Heavy-Duty Auto Jumper Cables

Capri Tools Heavy-Duty Auto Jumper CablesSince we have given you our 3 best-rated heavy duty jumper cables, it’s high time for showing some cheaper alternatives that you will appreciate. It goes without saying, that if money is not a question for you, it’s better to make your choice from our top 3. But the price is not the least issue while purchasing. And the best solution for truck owners, in this case, is the Capri Tools Heavy-Duty Auto Jumper Cables. These cables have 4 gauge and 20-feet length, so that, despite the aluminum core, still they are quite heavy. Since they have the PVC-coated jaws, these cables are very safe, and they have a quite good grip, although not so good as others’ that we have looked at earlier.




  1. DLUX Super Heavy Duty Jumper Cables

DLUX Super Heavy Duty Jumper CablesAnd the last but not least choice for the best-rated heavy duty jumper cables available on the market is the DLUX Super Heavy Duty ones. They are extra thick and 6 gauge cables that are relatively short as they have 12-feet length, so, probably you may need to do some special maneuvering with your car to get the cars’ batteries within range. Still, the good thing is that with the help of these cables any size car can be connected to any other powerful car, and get started within several seconds. Still, you should pay attention to the fact that the thicker the cables are, the more rigid they will become in extra weather conditions. So, aside of the fact that these cables are heavy, you may have some difficulties while setting them up. Frankly speaking, we do like these jumper cables because they can let you get the car started very fast, but there may be some difficulties in their usage, especially when dealing with a big truck.


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