Best cigarette lighter jump starter

Eurow Easy Quick Jumper In-Car Jump StarterWhen the battery of your car is dead, and you need to start the car, you can do it through a cigarette lighter jump starter. This simple way of charging uses a long cable that connects cigarette lighter outlets of two cars. The dead battery will draw charge from the full battery, and after a while your car will have enough power to start. When using regular jumper cables, you have to open the hood and work directly with the battery. You may even face the difficulties of finding the battery because in some cars it is hidden under a seat or is placed under the boot. Besides, with a regular jumper you must know exactly how to connect the cables to the battery, because if you do it improperly, you have a risk of an explosion. Cigarette lighter jump starters solve all these problems. They are safe and easy to use. Although they don’t provide an actual jump start, they allow you to surface charge the battery, which should be enough to start your car. However, cigarette lighter jump starters have their own disadvantages that make many people overlook them. The first obvious problem is that the flow of current through the cigarette lighter outlet is small, while a car needs a large electric current to start. This results in a long time of charging, which may be up to 20 minutes for some models. Also, the quality of the cigarette lighter outlets and the cable must be the best to provide the larger current possible.

Eurow Easy Quick Jumper In-Car Jump Starter review

Knowing all that, we set a goal to find the best cigarette lighter jump starter available. Because if it is the best quality device, it can be a simple and convenient solution to a dead battery problem. As a result, we chose the Eurow Easy Quick Jumper. The first reason for choosing this product is that this starter does the job that it is supposed to do. We tested it on a relatively big car; it charged the battery in 10 minutes, and it was enough for the car to start. Eurow Easy Quick Jumper is also supplied with a battery tester head. This feature comes in handy, considering that you don’t want to use a low-charge battery to charge your dead one because in this case the time of waiting will increase. The Eurow Easy Quick Jumper is small and can fit into your glove compartment. On the other hand, its cable is long and is more than enough to reach from one car to the other even if you are connecting big trucks. Finally, with all these advantages, this starter has a relatively affordable price. That is why we suggest that it is a good idea to have it with you in your car because it can really come in handy when your battery suddenly dies on you.


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